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QUETTA: Leader of Opposition in Balochistan Assembly Maulana Abdul Wasay has demanded withdrawal of resolution adopted by Sindh Assembly to abolish Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and registration of treason case against movers.

Addressing a Press conference at Leader of Opposition Chamber at provincial assembly here Sunday Maulana Wasay said that this resolution is deep rooted conspiracy against the stability of the country and its disintegration. He said since independence these secular and vested interest have confronted the country with destruction. Present situation of the country is because of their acts. Intentions of passing of reason resolution are to strengthen terrorism and extremism. He aid country’s stability at stake under the prevalent situation and passage of disputed resolution has forgotten Resolution of Objectives on which country’s independence movement was launched and lakhs of Muslims were martyred, lakhs of children became orphans. This country was achieved on the basis of Kalima Tayyaba but the objectives were ignored but such a situation was created from time to time against Resolution Objectives and Ideology of Pakistan and conspiracies made.

He said we consider Sindh assembly resolution as treason. On one side talks are being held with armed people and Taliban to force them to talks within the orbit of Constitution of Pakistan while those sitting in assembly were working against Constitution of Pakistan. What complaint can be made from those sitting on mountains. He said all members consider them loyal with the country and traitors who do not accept constitution. But some sitting in assembly are committed treason and speaking of abolishment of an organisation formed under the Constitution. Under such a situation people would be forced to take up arms.

Maulana Wasay said Sindh assembly resolution would discourage those who are holding talks and striving for enforcement of Islamic system within the Constitution.

He said CII frames recommendations and suggestions for establishment of Islamic society. Sindh assembly resolution is aimed at to further terrorism. Some forces do not want Pakistan progressing and stabilizing. Under the garb of interesting slogans country was being dragged towards backwardness.

He demanded Sindh assembly resolution should be withdrawn immediately and new elections should be held by dissolving present one so that those who participated in disputed resolution should be banned.

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