Milli Yakjehti Council Balochistan

QUETTA: Ramazanul Mubarak is month of Almighty Allah which gives us lesson of Taqwa and Tehzeeb nafs. We should struggle for a pious society during this month besides own reform.

This was stated by Provincial president Milli Yakjehti Council Balochistan Abdul Mateen Akhundzada, Vice President Maulana Abdul Quddus Sasoli, Provincial Vice President Maulana Muhammad Qasim, Allama Muhammad Juma Asadi and others in a joint statement here Wednesday.

They said during this holy month we should extend help and assistance to deprived, backward and poor people of the society. We should also prayed for freedom of suppressed Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir and others during this month.

They said we have to pledge to lead our lives in the light of quaint education during this month of appearance of Holy Book. They said Quran Karim is complete code of life and we need no other system of life in presence of this holy book.

They asked the government to fulfil its responsibilities about affectees of Waziristan operation and for the rehabilitation of IDPs. They also asked the nation to extend full help to Muslim affectees during this difficult time. They asked Ulema and religious parties to play their role for to unite the nation.

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