PAT takes out rally

QUETTA: Sixty five years have passed when Pakistan came into being. It is regretted to say that tall claims were made but true democracy did not come and this is corrupt, outdated and cruel system. There is no dearth of Allah Given resources in Pakistan but due to these corrupt and outdated systems Pakistan instead of developing it was being included in non developed countries.

These views were expressed by speakers including Dr Ishtiaq Husain Baloch, Rafiq Pashtoon of Pashtoon Qaumi Tehreek and others while addressing a rally in front of Press Club here Sunday. Rally was taken out by Pakistan Awami Tehreek on directives of its leader Dr Tahirul Qadri from GPO Chowk against May 11 elections, price hike and against present government in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan today. Rally marched on various roads and a protest meeting was held at Bacha Khan chowk.

Speakers said that price hike has touched its peak and poor’s life has become very difficult. Law and order situation is before all of us. There is murder of hundreds of people including journalists but there is no arrest. Incidents of theft, dacoity, and abduction for ransom were increasing, criminal excesses were being committed with innocent girls and children. They asked if this is democracy.

They said our leader Dr Tahirul Qadri wants to replace with this corrupt and outdated system with true democracy so that country move son road to progress, poor and rich get equal justice, people are prosperous and lead life in a peaceful atmosphere. They said whatever announcement made by Dr Tahirul Qadri for silent revolution in the country, people of Balochistan responded positive and announced they would not rest form any sacrifice. They said present system cannot do anything for people. They do not life such democracy in which poor people are deprived of two time bread. People of Balochistan have fed with so- called democracy. We would bring a system in which 65 years deprivations would end and their problems would be resolved.

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