PM disqualification case

QUETTA: Supreme Court Quetta Registry referred Prime Minister disqualification case to Chief Justice of Pakistan for further action Monday.

According to details PM disqualification case was heard at Quetta Registry of Supreme Court today. Three member bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Jawwad S Khwaja, Justice Sarmad Osmani and Justice Musher Alam heard the case and referred it to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan for further action.

Court also proposed for appointing senior lawyers Raza Rabbani, Hamid Khan and Khwaja Haris as assistance for the court.

During the hearing Attorney general told that Lahore High Court has already decided the case.

Acting Chief Justice said we have also look into Articles 62 and 63. If it was not done it would said it has no importance. He said 26 people under closed doors amendment 102 clauses of Constitution. We have to see changes after 18 th amendment. He said we would see PM disqualification case under Article 173. It is a big Pandora box. There are difficulties for the courts. Though Prime Minister is not answerable to the courts yet it should be seen in the light of Constitution. There is no difference to us by coming or going on any one. If there was need we can summon any one.

Court inquired Attorney General if we can make LHC decision an example. Court asked all the cases should be clubbed and present in the court so that there is no vague in the judgment.

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