RFL starts in PRCS Balochistan branch

QUETTA: Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) Balochistan conducted preliminary two days training of RFL (Restoring Family Links) for the staff and volunteers from various districts of Balochistan. PRCS tries to find and restore family links using its own resources. For instance if a family member is dislocated due to natural disaster or armed conflict and no means of communication is available to him/her, the organization assists in all these cases. In case of dislocation in foreign country, PRCS coordinates with National Society of Red Cross/Crescent of respective country to locate the desired person. PRCS tries to sustain these links and his/her importation if possible.

According to Malik Ahmad Shiraz NHQ Deputy Director RFL, the program is a component of Disaster Management. Head Office of PRCS along with its provincial branches endeavors capacity building programs for staff and volunteers in peace time enabling them to respond and provide essential services in any kind of disaster and calamity. This two days training is a preliminary of series of trainings. The training is designed to make participants understand the nature, responsibilities, services and procedure of RFL.

RFL is meant to restore family links but some cases are out of PRCS jurisdiction such as if a person does not want to contact his/her family or a person is guilty of being involved in activities against state and national interest.

RFL is a component of Red Cross/Crescent Movement right from its commencement. RFL had no set up in Balochistan but two years ago the dire need of RFL set in Balochistan was felt on national level. Therefore, RFL department was established in September 2014 and a manager, who would be looking after all the RFL activities in Balochistan, was appointed for the program.

Amir Munir RFL Manager PRCS Balochistan Branch explained that RFL program was established in 1998 in Pakistan. RFL activities were actively conducted during Afghan war from 2000 to 2005 and were enhanced after the 2005 earthquake in Azad Jammu Kashmir. Provincial Program Officer of Balochistan branch was looking after cases of RFL but considering the enormous need of this program in the province, a separate department was established. Team volunteers, who attended the training, will go through other trainings and then RFL cases will be dealt by this team under supervision of RFL Manager Balochistan.

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