Security alerted in Metropolis

QUETTA: Security arrangements were further alerted in Provincial capital Wednesday following bomb explosion in Islamabad and Sibi.

Strict checking of vehicles and people started at nakas setup at various sites in the city. It followed threats of some organisations of carrying out explosions at public places.

Additional number of security forces personnel have been deployed in bazaars, railway station, parks and other public places. They were keeping constant vigil on every mover. Additional strength has been posted at the trains running between and other parts of the country. They would check every passenger boarding the trains in a bid to secure lives of travelling people. A ban is also under consideration on demonstrations at T&T Chowk and Hockey chowk.

Open place in front of Quetta Press Club is also very insecure because any one can park its vehicle owing to show rooms. Therefore road between Café Baldia to Taxi Stand would be closed for parking.

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