Shutter down observed in Balochistan

QUETTA: A shutter down was observed in whole of Balochistan Sunday against Mastung tragic incident and to express solidarity with relatives of victims.

Appeal for shutter down was made by the government, political parties and Anjuman Tajiran. All the shops, markets, Business concerns remained close in every part of the Metropolis for the first time while traffic was also thin.

JUI and Anjuman Tajiran took out a rally and a demonstration was held in front of Press Club.

Speakers including provincial Secretary General JUI Malik Sikandar Khan, District Amir Maulana Wali Mohammad Turabi, Rehmatullah Kakar and others in their speeches strongly condemned Mastung massacre and demanded that RAW and foreign agenda tried to pitch Baloch and Pashtoon brotherly nations in Balochistan. They said it is planned conspiracy. It is responsibility of all parties to their role to unveil this conspiracy.

They said some foreign forces were playing dirty game to pitch Baloch and Pashtoons against each other in Balochistan. Earlier these forces had tried to air sectarianism in Quetta and now Balochistan and Pashtoon nations were being made pitched. We would not allow this.

They said after Mastung Incident JUI playing its role saved Quetta form destruction and consoled relatives of victims to bury dead bodies of victims. Again at the same time conspirators tried to secure some wrong gains.

Speakers said we would not sit silent over such incidents and play our role. They said such incidents show incapability of federal and provincial governments. If they cannot provide security to the people they have no right to remain in power. They said measures should e taken at government level so that such incidents do not take place again.

Rallies, demonstration and other ceremonies were organized in various parts of Balochistan.

Strict security measures were also made to meet any unpleasant incident during the shutter down. No untoward incident was reported during strike.