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QUETTA: Imran Khan only can save Pakistan from difficulties with which it is confronted today. Government committed massive rigging during general elections. One year has passed but promises made by the government were not materialized.

These views were expressed by leaders of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Balochistan Sardar Asif Tareen, Humayun Barakzai, Sakeena Abdullah Khan and others while addressing a protest meeting in front of Press Club here Sunday.

They said present government has come to power through elections on May 11, 2013. Whatever promises it made with the people of depriving them of load shedding, price hike, law and order were not fulfilled. Price hike was increasing day by day, people are worried of load shedding, law and order situation has gone so worse situation has gone out of control of government.

This entire situation can be controlled by Chairman PTI Imran Khan. They added that record rigging was made during May 11 general elections and people’s protest has been made against it in Whole of Pakistan including Balochistan today. Thieves entering into power from back doors looting Pakistan by both hands have lost their sleeps by seeing this sea of people. They said unless free and fair elections are held in the country, our tehreek would continue. They said Pakistan Tehreek Insaf would not leave 180 million people of the country in difficult situation.

Sakeena Abdullah in her address said that May 11, 2013 is the darkest day of Pakistan’s history when at the behest of foreign forces a ruling clique was imposed on the people who have always gave birth to lawlessness in the country and staked country’s integrity. Mandate of 180 million people was attacked. She said that PTI’s protest in the country it not meant to derail government while it is only aimed at to change fate of people of the country and providing them justice at their doorsteps.

She said country is standing at a brink of destruction and its responsible are only such elements who maintained previous traditions by putting stamps on polling station in a night.

She told protestors we are not aimed at to harm our country by staging today’s protest but our war is against such corrupt elements who are harming the country for the last 65 years. She said people are now fully aware and they can differentiate between good and bad. Ruling clique has left them at the mercy of terrorists’ bullets. We warn government and they cannot make people more fools. Their faces are open to the people in just one year. People would not fall prey to their deceives and tall claims.

She said Elections held in West are accepted by their people because their election system is very good. Tehreek Insaf has always fought war for genuine rights of Independent judiciary and media by supporting truth and righteousness.

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