APLF condemns privatisation of national institutions

QUETTA: All Pakistan Labour Federation has condemned privatization and laying off of daily wagers and contract employees. Condemnation by President APLF Sultan Muhammad Khan, Secretary General Abdul Sattar and others while addressing a protest rally and demonstrator in front of Press Club.

Rally and demonstration was held against privatisaiton and removal of daily wagers and contract employees.

Addressing protestors Speakers said that privatization, and privatize national institutions at the dictation of IMF and world Bank and laying off contract and daily wager employees is condemnable. They said that country’s economy is in bad situation where factories are closed, profit earning institutions are being sold out. Thermal power station which was providing cheap electricity to provincial capital and 500 persons were working has been closed for unknown reasons and private Habibullah Costal Power Plant was allowed to be setup where only 40 people were working. They said there is need own resources in addition to foreign investment should be utilized to improve economy.

They regretted privatisaiton of important national institutions PMDC, electricity distribution companies, OGDCL, Steel Mills, PIA and said that billions of Rupees assets were being sold at throw away prices. Privatisation causes joblessness for thousands. They called for deferring privatisation process and reforms in Railways and decision to remove daily wagers and contract employees or APLF would launch a movement against it.

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