Hazara Qaumi Mshtarka Mafadat Council

QUETTA:Imposing ban on convoys of Zaireen along Taftan route would not resolve problems. Targeted operation as per promise to eliminate safe havens of suicide bombers is inevitable for safe journey along Taftan route.

This was stated by Hazara Qaumi Mushtarka Mafadat Council here Friday.

It said that elders and forefathers of Hazara tribe had rendered supreme sacrifice at the time of advent of Pakistan and Hazara nation has proved its loyalty with the motherland at every level. No conspiracy would be allowed to succeed against them.

It regretted ban on buses convoys by government and said instead of imposing ban government should take effective action against terrorists. By imposing ban on everything was spoiling fundamental rights of people.

It termed government talks with terrorists against constitution, law and moral values and destroying dignity of martyrs of Pak Army, Police, FC jawans and general public. It said talks with terrorists is equal to imposing specific ideology on the nation and country which is undemocratic process. It would raise moral of terrorists.

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