JI leaders on cruelty with BD leaders

QUETTA: Leader of Jamaat Islami Balochistan have said that silence of Government of Pakistan over excesses with Jamaat Islami leaders in Bangla Desh is matter of grave concern. Entire world have closed eyes over disputed elections in Bangla Desh and self success of Haseena Wajid at the behest of India.

These views were expressed by JI Balochistan leaders Naib Amir Maulana Hidayatur Rehman Baloch, Maulana Mujeebur Rehman Sasoli and Hafiz Matiur Rehman Mengal here Friday.

They said India was backing whatever was being done against Islamic leadership in that country. They said Pakistan should approach International Court of Justice to stop Haseena Wajid form her cruelties and stress need for implementation of accord reached between Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh.

They said under this accord three countries have agreed all cases of war crimes will be annulled. They would not become part of any conspiracy over their independence and sovereignty and prisoners lodged in the jails over charges of war crimes would be freed.

Despite this, punishing leaders of West Pakistan for their love with Pakistan and Pakistan’s silence is worst cruelty.

They appealed to Prime Minister of Pakistan to promote atmosphere for implementation of Pakistan-Bangla Desh- India accord at the world level.

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