Naib Amir JI Balochistan

QUETTA: Former Naib Amir Jamaat Islami Balochistan Amanullah Shadezai has asked people not to cast votes in forthcoming local bodies polls only on party basis but should make past and present social and political steps as basis.

He said here Wednesday if people kept party affiliation in view a wrong candidate can be elected and provincial capital may go into clutches of party dictatorship. People should not make party as their standard but the candidate, he said.

He said being a responsible of Jamaat Islami if Jamaat candidate does not fulfil requirement he should not be given vote but only such a candidates should be given note who may longs to any political or religious party having ability.

He said he was candidate from Ward 26 on party ticket. People should place all the candidates including him in their view and vote only for such a candidate for whom they are satisfied.

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