Pakistan CG at Dubai

QUETTA: Consul General of Pakistan Javed Jalil Khattak said that Pakistan relations with United Arab Emirates have stood the test of time. Continuation and further strengthening of fraternal bonds remains the cornerstone of policies pursued under the leadership of both countries, he added.

According to a message received Wednesday, while addressing a well-attended reception at the PNS Alamgir which arrived on 26th January 2014 at Port Rashid, Dubai on a five days good will visit, the Consul General said that the visit of Pakistan Naval Ship was a manifestation of the close brotherly, diplomatic and military relations maintained by both countries. He stated that navies of Pakistan and UAE periodically conduct joint exercises to ensure stability of the region. ‘We aim to work with each one of our friends to fight against terrorism, smuggling, piracy and all such mis-norms recognized by international law’, he emphasized.

Javed Jalil Khattak said Pakistan believes in promoting peace and security in the region. He declared that joint collaboration of Pakistan with UAE was meant to maintain freedom of seas and trade. Pakistan is committed to international community to maintain stability and curb terrorism, he added.

The Consul General paid tribute to UAE leadership for supporting Pakistan through economic and social uplift in testing times. He also mentioned that over a million Pakistanis are presently living and contributing in the development of UAE while at the same time earning a heart filled living in a most favourable environment. He expressed satisfaction over the positive contributions of expatriate Pakistanis in the economic and infrastructure development of UAE.

At the start of his speech, the Consul General thanked Staff Brig. Abdullah Abdullah Ali Al-Shehi, Director Operations & Training of UAE Navy, officers of the UAE navy, members of the diplomatic community and distinguished members of the expatriate Pakistani Community for gracing the occasion.

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