Qadir Baloch-PFUJ

QUETTA: Propaganda was being spread of deteriorated situation in Balochistan to keep people away from development process and pushing them towards backwardness. Despite majority our party handed over power to National party so that war being fought in the name of nationalism could be controlled. Provincial government should take steps to maintain law and order and resolving problems for which federal government would support it.

This was stated by Federal Minister and Additional Secretary General (PML-N) Lt General (R ) Abdul Qadir Baloch while addressing a luncheon he hosted for delegates to Federal Union of Journalists here Sunday.

He said situation in Balochistan is not so bad as being portrayed. We are allies of the government. Despite majority in Assembly we invited national party to form its government because we want development of Balochistan. Under a planned conspiracy negative propaganda was being made against our provincial president. These allegations are false and baseless. He said we have also some reservations though we are allied of the government and these must be removed.

He appealed to PFUJ delegates when they return to their respective areas they should portray real picture of Balochistan at their newspapers and channels because people in other provinces do not know about it.

He said recently a survey has been released in which situation in Balochistan has been described as better. It is base d on facts. At the same item it s a fact there is insurgency in some areas but it would be controlled soon.

President PFUJ Muhammad Afzal but also spoke on the occasion and said whatever is told about Balochistan outside the province is totally different to that. He said he was with the journalists of Balochistan and their problems would be resolved soon.

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