Real facts about Fall of Dhaka should be made public: Speakers

SIALKOT: The speakers have stressed upon the need of learning lesson from the incident of ‘Fall of Dhaka” in a bid to avert any further such ghastly tragedy in the country. They said that there is dire need of taking concrete measures to remove all the discriminatory factors which resulted into separation of Bangladesh from united Pakistan. They urged the governments of both Pakistan and Bangladesh to ensure early removal of distances amongst the people of both countries by burying bitter past.

Addressing the participants of a day-long symposium held here Monday on the eve of Fall of Dhaka, Muhammad Ishaqe Butt, Chairman All Pakistan Dry Ports Association said that the wounds given by the Fall of Dhaka tragedy still remain green and we should learn lesson though this national tragedy of the East Pakistan. He said that being a nation we did not yet deeply re-consider the causes behind this tragedy due to which Pakistan was still bleeding. He stressed upon the need of bringing visible change in national attitude due to which Pakistani nation was facing conflicts in the Balochistan as well. They said that it was the right time for both Pakistan and Bangladesh to bury their past.

MPA Nadeem Ghauri said that hate and exploitation in the provinces, which resulted into mounted language riots, paved the way for Fall of Dhaka.

Founder member of Tehreek-e-Nizam-Mustafa Khawaja Irfan Hameed said the hundreds of thousands people in Pakistan and Bangladesh were badly affected due to this tragedy. He said that the Fall of Dhaka was the will and conspiracy of India being the enemy of Pakistan, which made only India happy.

A senior educationist Prof. Manzur Ahmed Chaudhary said that the international powers including India played their pivotal role in separation between East and West Pakistan and they remained successful in changing the geographical boundaries of Pakistan through their well-planned international conspiracy which resulted into Fall of Dhaka on December 16, 1971.

Malik Mushtaq Ahmed Advocate, President Sialkot District Bar Association-DBA) said that the causes and factors behind the separation between East and West Pakistan should be brought before the people of both countries through the Security Council of United Nations Organization (UNO).

Liaqat Ali Shah Binyamin, former District Attorney Sialkot and Javaid Ali Shah said that the people responsible for Fall of Dhaka should be made a sign of punishment in a bid to avert any further economical and political destabilization in the country.

Nawaz Ahmed Ansari pointed that we are not providing the correct information and telling the actual causes and factors to our young generation behind the tragedy of Fall of Dhaka.

Senior lawyers Shaukat Ali Chaudhary and Azizur Rehman urged the government to bring Hamood ur Rehman Commission Report before the nation, enabling it to recognize face of the enemies of Pakistan.

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