514 million views for Media Ministry’s Hajj coverage

Dr. Abdullah Al-Maghlooth, spokesman of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Media and director general of the Center for Government and International Communication, said that the ministry's Hajj media plan has made unprecedented achievements with 514 million views of the Hajj coverage by international media outlets and these included 6,234 reports in 42 languages reaching 107 countries around the world.

On the occasion of the issuance of the final report on the achievements of the ministry's Hajj media plan, Al-Maghlooth said that the number of Saudi and Arab media outlets that took advantage of the media services during the Hajj season stood at 500 electronic newspapers, 11 newspapers, 17 media institutions and five news agencies.

He added that the unlimited support provided by Minister of Media Awwad Al-Awwad was behind the qualitative leap witnessed by the ministry's media plan for the Hajj season of 2018. Al-Awwad exerted great efforts in implementing and following-up the media plan. He also thanked all government institutions participating in Hajj operation.

The Kingdom hosted 818 international media representatives, from more than 100 countries, who covered the annual pilgrimage of Hajj. The ministry also hosted 250 prominent international figures including artists, thinkers, writers and scholars who contributed to conveying the real image of the Kingdom in serving the Two Holy Mosques and the pilgrims.

The interview with Christiana Baker, German TV presenter and guest of the ministry, had more than eight million views in the social media. The number of views of the media reports transmitted by the accounts of the Center for Government and International Communication in Arabic, English, French and German languages reached 30.5 million, he said.

Dr. Al-Maghlooth disclosed that the ministry launched 19 digital channels publishing 1,500 media reports with more than 89 million views.

The Hajj electronic gate published more than 1,635 media reports including news items, photos, infographics, human-interest stories, figures and videos, he said adding that the website of the British newspaper 'The Independent' transmitted a full video about Hajj, which is produced by the Center with more than 800,000 views.

Source: International Islamic News Agency