Kohala Hydropower Project to help overcome energy crisis: AJK President

Azad Jammu and Kashmir President, Sardar Masood Khan says the completion of 1124 megawatt Kohala Hydropower Generation Project will help overcome energy crisis in the country.

He was speaking in a presentation given to him by Kohala Hydropower Company in Islamabad on Monday.

Sardar Masood Khan said Azad Jammu and Kashmir government is also the beneficiary of this project and would receive water charges and other taxes.

He said this project would create thousands of job opportunities for youth in the region.

Sardar Masood Khan directed the officials of the company to take necessary precautionary measures to minimize the environmental hazards under this project.

He expressed gratitude to both Pakistan and Chinese governments for including Azad Jammu and Kashmir in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

Source: Radio Pakistan