Shah Bukhari’s Urs in full swing

NAUNDERO: Annual Urs of Hazrat Abdul Lateef Shah Bukhari is in full swing in village Panjudero near Naundero with colourful activities and wonderful stalls of sweets and other goods. This is the only event that people of all the surrounding villages come and enjoy along with their children and families in large numbers specially peasants. Various stalls have been established by the vendors who are basically very poor to earn their livelihood where sweats, Pakora, peanuts etc. are sold. Large cradles for children and elders have also been installed so that the tired farming people come and enjoy after passing their day in their agricultural fields.

Traditional Sindhi style wrestling called Malh is also held here continuously for three days and at the final day a trophy is awarded to the winner Malh along with cash prize. Renowned folk & Sufi (mystic) singers perform here almost every night to amuse people over bonfires due to winter season and in return they get rewarded by the visitors.

Syed Roshan Ali Shah, caretaker of Dargah, told PPI that Syed Abdul Lateef Shah came to this village about 600 years ago and his forefathers used to celebrate his annual Urs regularly and he was also following them. He said that this Urs was also participated by people belonging to various parts of Sindh province.

He also said that he was thankful to all those people, specially Hindu community, including Seth Baghchand and Choith Ram who contributed and assisted in holding this mega event.

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