Shireen Mazari expresses dismay over the statement of Minister

Peshawar: Central Information Secretary PTI, Shireen Mazari, today expressed dismay over the statement of Information Minister Pervez Rashid where he declared his government had no intention of talking to PTI Chairman Imran Khan on ending the NATO supply blockade in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Mazari stated that Pervez Rashid’s bizarre statement made no sense because PTI had not asked the government for talks. Instead, she reminded that PTI has used the only tool it has to pressure the US into stopping drones as per the APC mandate, because the government has chosen to stay immobile. The US Defence Secretary came and went and no pressure was put on the US through him on stopping drones. Pervez Rashid need not fear about PTI making demands on the government since the APC has already demanded some actions from the government, which have yet to be met. Nor should Pervez Rashid fear the PTI dharna against drones through stoppage of NATO supplies will fizzle out. Today it entered its 20th day and, contrary to his claim, PTI and its allies’ leadership is visiting the protestors regularly.

What Rashid should fear is the governance vacuum that is growing daily; what he should fear is the spiralling prices leading the poor to kill themselves with families; what he should fear is the deteriorating law and order situation; and what he should fear is the disintegration of his PMLN government.

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