SU VC to attend China moot

NAUNDERO: Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh, Prof Dr Nazir A Mughal will leave for China on September 21 to attend 2nd Semi-Annual International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) meeting to be held on September 23-26, 2013 on SIAS international university campus in Xinzheng City, Henan Province.

According to a press statement issued here from Public Relations Office, the Vice Chancellor had been invited by Dr Shawn Chen, the founder chairman of Sias International University Xinzheng City, Henan Province which was accepted by him.

In the invitation letter addressed to Dr Mughal, Dr Shawn wrote that they wanted to conduct the conference differently in order to make his (Dr. Mughal’s) trip to China more productive as they planned to have shorter meetings every day as many people requested to do.

He further said that he had invited many Chinese University Presidents and their international program officers to attend this conference so that the global educationalists might build relationship with other Chinese schools and interaction of the guests with the officials from Chinese Ministry of Education must be ensured in a bid to exchange information with one another on how to build educational programs in China and the legal issues with policies.

“We believe that your participation with IAUP can change the face of education throughout the Asian Pacific region and hope you would join both your IAUP colleagues and the independent presidents from China at Sias.” Mr. Shawn Chen wrote.

On the request of Dr. Chen, Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh Dr. Mughal will leave for China today to attend the conference. He would also sign MoUs with different Universities in China so that the opportunities for the scholars and students must be created in the field of higher education.

It may be noted that the day to day administrative affairs will be looked after by Registrar SU Ghulam Mohammad Bhutto and the academic affairs by the Deans of related faculties in the absence of the vice chancellor.

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