Symposium on Controversies in Management of Lymphoma held

KARACHI: Lymphoma is a cancer of Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. There are two main types of Lymphoma: Non-Hodgkins (NHL) and Hodgkins. NHL has over 50 subtypes of which diffuse large b-cell lymphoma is the most common. Lymphomas affect approximately 7 out of 100,000 people each year. The incidence of lymphoma is increasing with the passage of time.

It is one of the cancers that are highly curable. New drugs to treat lymphoma are coming up and fortunately most of the treatments are available in tertiary care hospitals like Liaquat National Hospital (LNH)in Pakistan.

LNH held a mini-symposium on “Controversies in the Management of Lymphoma” organized by the department of Oncology.

Leading oncologist/ haematologists from all over Pakistan participated in the program and discussed difficulties faced in the management of this highly curable disease and possible ways of overcoming hindrances faced.

The four-hour session started with welcome address by Dr Salman Faridi, Medical Director, LNH, followed by case discussion on “Extranodal Marginal Zone Lymphoma” by Dr Sobia Tabassum, senior registrar oncology department.

Dr Syed Muhammad Irfan HOD, consultant haematologist continued with a talk on “Mantle Cell Lymphoma”.

Dr Naila Zahid HOD, consultant oncologist LNH, focused on “DLBCL with cardiomyopathy”.

The two guest speakers, Dr Muhammad Shamvil Ashraf paediatric oncologist, Children Cancer Hospital and Dr Nargis Muzaffar, SKMCH Lahore also participated.

In each session five minutes were given to the audience for question answers with the speaker and discussion.

The chairperson of the event was Dr SH Manzoor Zaidi, Medical Director Baqai Institute of Oncology and moderator Dr Asghar Hussain consultant oncologist, KIRAN.

The panellists included AKUH Dr Nadeem Abbasi, consultant radiation oncologist, Dr Munira Moosajee, consultant oncologist/haematologist and Dr Nehal Masood, consultant oncologist, Dr Naeem Laghari, Director NIMRA, Dr Saba Jamal, HOD pathology and Dr Abn-e-Hasan Radiation oncologist from Dr Ziauddin Hospital, Dr M Ali Memon director AEMC, Dr Najeeb Naimatullah consultant oncologist SKMCH and RC.

Variations in diagnostic criteria and staging procedures in cancer patients have important consequences for patient selection and often preclude meaningful comparison of published series.

In Lymphoma, diagnostic criteria is controversial, especially in Lymphoma with special conditions such as Cardiomyopathy, pregnancy or elderly.

Moreover, staging procedures and therapeutic choices are influenced by insights from different clinicians.

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