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FIA Discovers Rs. 7 Billion in Property Tycoon’s Plaza in Rawalpindi

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) recently raided Burj-e-Noor Plaza on Murree Road, which is owned by property tycoon, Sheikh Iftikhar Adil. The raiding team discovered a staggering Rs. 7 billion in foreign currency, including dollars.

Beneath the plaza, in a hidden basement, were lockers stuffed with cash. The money trail pointed to ties with major players in the media and real estate industries. With so much cash on hand, FIA’s team struggled to count it.

Sheikh Iftikhar Adil, who also has stakes in Daily Asas and Al-Haram City, had set up his own lockers in this plaza. The FIA team, taken aback by the enormous number of high-tech lockers, had to call in reinforcements from other agencies to manage the situation.

The FIA’s Banking Circle received a tip-off about a secret treasure after gathering solid evidence of illegal activity. As a result, they raided the building and found 13 high-tech lockers filled with cash. Two people were arrested on the spot.

The team surveilled the location for a week prior to the raid. They noticed something strange about a small iron gate in the parking lot of the building’s double basement.

After knocking down some exterior walls, they made an unexpected discovery, a hidden door. Behind the door were 13 loaded lockers, and the place was also equipped with security cameras.

The situation escalated when the team attempted to seize the money. The building’s owner was not happy and argued that the money should remain where it was. The FIA team, on the other hand, refused to back down and insisted on confiscating the discovered funds.

The tension escalated, prompting the FIA to call the police for backup. They have now submitted a preliminary report to their superiors.

Source: Pro Pakistani