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List of PIA Aircraft That Are Beyond Repair

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has at present eight (8) non-functional (irreparable) as well as un-serviceable (repairable) aircraft.

According to the official data, two Boeing 777 aircraft are un-serviceable while one is non-functional. Furthermore, two Airbus A-320 are un-serviceable. The data further noted that three ATR are un-serviceable while one is non-functional.

Here is the breakdown of all non-functional and un-serviceable aircraft of PIA.

Sr. No. Aircraft Type Un-serviceable Non-functional Total

1. B-777 2 1 3

2. A-320 2 – 2

3. ATR 3 – 3

Total 7 1 8

On Monday, a technical issue caused a PIA plane to be grounded at Quetta airport. The problem arose as flight PK-326 was preparing to depart for Islamabad at 1:00 pm. Due to strong winds and hot brakes, the pilot decided to cancel the takeoff and informed traffic control.

The Airbus A320 was then safely moved to the parking lot for inspection by engineers. The airport authorities stated that the aircraft’s departure was delayed because clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was required for the next flight.

Source: Pro Pakistani