Power Up Your Shopping Experience With Imtiaz Super Market Loyalty Program

Pakistan's FMCG sector deals with many prominent distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, but there is one name that has become a highlight in the last decade and is continuously evolving with the changing trends. With an estimated revenue of PKR 70 billion, Imtiaz Super Market is a force to be reckoned with.

Numerous loyalty and discount programs have been covered in the past, but what makes Imtiaz Super Market's Loyalty Program distinct is the sheer size of its loyal customer base. Launched in September 2016, the program's customer base has grown by many-folds and is now very close to hitting the 350,000 mark.

Undoubtedly, the firm trust and loyalty of its customers have made Imtiaz Super Market's Loyalty Program one of the most successful loyalty programs in the retail industry of Pakistan.

The most exciting part of the Loyalty Program is the reward system where customers can earn up to 1.5% points along with discounted vouchers, gift hampers, and a chance to participate in lucky draws. As of today, Imtiaz Super Market has awarded Loyalty Points worth PKR 250 million to the program's customer base and this number is increasing at a meteoric pace.

The credit for this enormous success goes to Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, who is overlooking the program, and his skills of tapping into customers' touchpoints. A prime example of this is evident from the fact that, from a manual registration process where customers were getting registered in 25 days, now customers can get their Loyalty Keychain made on-spot from any of Imtiaz Super Market's branches.

The recent installation of Loyalty KIOSKs across nationwide branches has made the process paperless and has enabled customers to get themselves digitally registered in a few seconds.

Striving further to enhance the shopping experience of their loyal customers, Imtiaz Super Market has plans to do partnerships and alliances with well-known brands.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed said,

We already have a solution through which we are offering Loyalty Keychains almost instantly to the customers, but they are only limited to redeem their Loyalty Points at our stores. Now, our plan of launching a Loyalty Application will enable our loyal customers to redeem their Loyalty Points at famous eateries, entertainment, healthcare, and lifestyle avenues too.

This move will be sending a huge traffic to different businesses where customers will be spending their Loyalty Points. Businesses are well aware and have witnessed an increase in their sales due to collaborations with different discount apps or credit cards and therefore, Imtiaz Super Market's Loyalty Program will surely have no hurdle of having top-notch brands on board with them.

Prominent brands limit their loyalty programs to their own business, but Imtiaz Super Market mixing the best of both worlds will have a substantial impact on brands that will choose to participate in this solution.

Source: Pro Pakistani