Samsung Expects Higher Profits in Q3 2019

Samsung has just released its quarterly earnings guidance report and the predictions are something of a mixed bag. Operating profits have decreased significantly every year, but are looking good compared to Q2.

At the same time, the company's shares have gone up by 2.41%, beating the South Korean benchmarking index that rose by 1.21%.

If the results of this guidance report do pan out, this will be the third consecutive year where Samsung's operating profits will be more than halved yearly. The company suffered a 55.6% drop in operating profits in the second quarter of this year.

Memory components for smartphones and data centers are the two main profit makers for Samsung, both of which have been suffering for almost a year due to low supply and demand. This is due to inventory adjustments and supply gluts which result in a substantial fall in prices.

Samsung usually releases a full report by the end of the month, so we will have to wait a few weeks for details on how each division of the company is performing.

What is more interesting is that the full report will show how the Note 10 lineup is performing. There might be some good news for the company right around the corner.

Source: Pro Pakistani