Balochistan issue result of ‘manhandling’: Barozai

Karachi: Balochistan politician and former caretaker chief minister Nawab Ghous Bux Barozai here Tuesday said the Balochistan issue the result of perpetual ‘mishandling’ of establishment, adding successive governments have left the Balochistan issue unresolved, purposefully, to serve the vested interests.

Talking to media at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Barozai said there are multiple factors behind the prevailing situation in Balochistan. He said a simple matter has been complicated deliberately, as many stakeholders do not want this thorny issue going settled amicably. He said when he took charge as the caretaker chief minister there were a lot of apprehensions about holding the general elections in free and fair manner, but due to the sincere efforts of the caretaker set up the polls were held peacefully and transparently.

To a question regarding who were responsible for the fire burning in Balochistan, he said he would equally blame agencies, establishments and militant factors. He said it would be wrong to blame only agencies or armed militants responsible, but rather all stakeholders share the responsibility. He said there is an Indian hand in deteriorating peace and tranquillity in Balochistan and there also are other foreign controlled elements aggravating the situation.

Regarding the separatist elements, he said he would rather consider them as ‘misguided’ elements. He said the issue of Balochistan could be solved peacefully if all the parties involved in it are taken in confidence. He said there are multiple socioeconomic and political issues in Balochistan and the whole province is a no-go area due to lack of means of communication including good roads. He urged the government to invest in upgrading civic facilities in the province.

Earlier, KPC General Secretary Aamir Latif and senior journalist and KPC office-bearer Saeed Sarbazi welcomed Barozai, who was also presented the gift of Ajrak.

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