Three feeders of Naundero Power Grid Station closed

NAUNDERO: Three feeders of Naundero Grid Station has been completely shut down for default and electricity theft, while links of 9 PMTs have also been removed.

According to SDO Ghaffar Abbasi, feeders of Garhi Khuda Bux, Izzat Ji Wandh and Naundero-3 have been completely closed and nine pole mounted transformers of nine localities have also been closed down for the same reason, leaving behind the citizens to suffer in this scorching heat.

Load shedding in Naundero City feeder-1 has been increased to 14 hours out of 24 hours and on city feeder-2, it has been maintained to 12 hours as it is being closed for three hours after every three hours electricity supply. Closure of power supply at night and in the noon have been termed as torture by the citizens. Worst affected are those who have never defaulted their monthly payments of electricity bills.

Another factor which has hit the most is that of economy of the town as the non-supply of power to Ice Factories has rendered labour jobless and these factories also pay millions of rupees monthly to SEPCO and thousands of rupees in various taxes to the federal government but in return they get constant power outages which has worried the owners and has badly affected their business.

The ice factories’ season is just for four to five months and rest of the time they keep on paying fixed charges monthly throughout the year. Due to power failures in night, crime has also increased because cattle theft is on the rise and the villagers are passing their nights guarding their houses one by one. The people of the affected areas including Mansoor Soomro, Mumtaz Sethar and others have demanded that load shedding timings should be reduced to those areas who have more than 50% recovery.

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