Youth can play positive role in democracy: workshop told

Hyderabad: Youth are the pillars of the future prosperity of any nation and can play positive role in development and democracy at grass root levels.

“About 63% population is comprised young people. Serious actions are taken by government for the development of young people. This time youth played very good role in previous elections and most of them participated in election process first time. There is need to amend the allocation of specific seats in Local Government Act so that they can play active and real role in decision making in planning and local development process,” said civil society leaders at the concluding ceremony of two-day workshop on democracy for youth jointly organized by Sindh Community Foundation and Chanan Development Association in collaboration with United Nations Democracy Fund(UNDF) at SCF office.

Javed Soz of Sindh Community Foundation said that youth are the neglected section of the society and are not properly on the agenda of the political parties in real senses as parties just reach youth for increasing their vote back as youth are the major portion of the registered vote so they can elect or defeat any candidate with the power of vote.

He said that unemployment was increasing and leaving severe impacts on the youth who are being trapped by different elements – crime, radicalization and becoming more violent, so there was need to make young people constructive for the promotion of democracy.

He demanded that youth policy was pending since years which must be passed and implement in its true spirit.

Punhal Saryo, civil society activist, said that BBSDP was very comprehensive program for youth development but it had not impacted well on the lives of the youth in many areas due to lack of interest and corruption in institutes.

He further added that due to failure of governance, youth potential was not utilized in well manners. He further added that young people should elect their representatives by applying democratic principles and values by their own decision not by any influence of their parents and peers.

He said that youth representation is very less in parliament, however, youth accounts 63% population. There is need to increase youth representation in public spaces ranging from parliament to local government structures.

Dr Ashothama of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that the individuals role was very critical to the democracy because without active citizenship democracy could not grow in well manner.

He emphasized that youth should play active role of vigilance on the basic rights and services given by the state, as this would increase role of youth in transparency.

Senior journalist Jaffar Memon said that dictatorship had left worst effects on the democratic system in country which led increasing poverty and disturbed development process.

Jabar Bhatti of Institute of Social Change said that democracy is behaviour that state is responsible for fulfilment of the rights of citizens when governance becomes failure and creates injustice.

He said that youth have lot of potential but less opportunities. Participants Ambreen Jarwar, student of social work department, a Sawaira of Sociology Department of University of Sindh, also shared their views that democratic principle must be incorporated in syllabus and at university level as a subject so that people could exercise the democratic rights and apply democratic values in their lives for the promotion of democracy. They realized that they learnt well on various concepts and practices of democracy.

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