CMCH patients suffer due to faulty hemodialysis machines

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CMCH patients suffer due to faulty hemodialysis machines

March 29, 2020

LARKANA:Twelve 12 Hemodialysis machines have turned idle since over 10 days which are installed on ground floor of the Dialysis Centre working in Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH). Over fifty kidney-failure patients get Hemodialysis daily at the Centre in three shifts.

The Head of Department (HOD) and Senior Registrar, Nephrology, Dr. Ghulam Abbas Qadri, told this scribe that he had written four letters to the CMCH Medical Superintendent (MS) within a week but of no avail so far. He said eight other Hemodialysis machines installed on the first floor of the building with separate RO which had not yet been handed over to them.

He said: “According to expert engineers, membranes of RO plants are regularly get choked due to which these sophisticated machines become out of order.” In his letter, Dr. Qadri wrote to MS that due to non-operation of RO plants, Hemodialysis machines of Hepatitis negative, Hepatitis C positive and HIV positive machines had become inoperative which might create law and order situation, hence, all three RO systems be repaired immediately.

Cost of each membrane is approximately Rs 40,000 and each RO plant has two membranes which meant that because of unavailability of required funds of Rs 160,000, two RO Plants were left nonworking since over 10 days and over 50 dialysis patients have been deprived of this life-saving facility for no fault of theirs at all. He said even SIUT team visited the Centre on Friday who also were apprised of the prevailing situation. He said poor patients of several districts of Sindh and parts of Balochistan are benefited from this free facility who are now being referred to other healthcare facilities.

An expert engineer told this Correspondent on the condition of anonymity that Total Dissolve Solid (TDS) of subsoil water has reached to 1100 mg per liter which means underground water has become highly heavy and contaminated. He said that prime function of membranes is to reduce contamination to zero and supply pure water to the Hemodialysis machines so that patients are not infected with other relevant diseases, their kidneys remain safe and in order.

He said in 2010 when the subsoil water of CMCH’s Civil Hospital Block was got tested from PCSIR laboratory, its TDS was 700 which now had increased to 1100, hence. He said due to increase in TDS, membranes get choked frequently and stop working which was why Hemodialysis machines had been nonoperational. He said there was no post of RO technician in the 1500-bed capacity CMCH which also had multiplied the woes of the patients.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had also taken notice of non-functional dialysis machines and had inquired about the issues on Friday during his video link conference with the district administration.

CMCH MS Dr Ershad Hussain Kazmi said: “If the membranes and filters are received tonight through an ambulance service which have already been procured, then the Hemodialysis machines will be made functional within next 48 hours or else next week.

The membranes have been procured but supply has been delayed due to lockdown.” He said fundamental issue was underground water TDS level. He said SIUT experts have also been consulted over the issue. He said he will ensure to keep membranes and filters in ready stock in future after the lockdown was over so that poor needy patients might not suffer.

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