District: President PTI Punjab Ejaz Ch. strongly criticizes government

Sialkot: President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Punjab Ejaz Chaudhary has strongly criticized government and stated that there was no rule of law in the country, as the writ of the government had already ended, saying that the whole of the country including federal capital Islamabad had become unsafe due to the failed internal and external policies of the PML-N government.

He stated this while addressing workers’ convention on Sunday. Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Mehmoodul Rasheed, Central Deputy General Secretary of PTI Umer Dar and local PTI leaders Brig (Rtd) Muhammad Aslam Ghumman, Barrister Mansur Sarwar, Shah Nawaz Cheema and Iftikhar Ahmed Sahi were also present on this occasion.

PTI provincial president said that early changing of the entire government system was direly needed to bring change in the country, as the changing of the party or the faces could never bring change in the country. He said that the democracy was incomplete without the Local Bodies, which had been the nursery of the democracy.

He alleged that the PML-N government was reluctant to hold the local bodies’ elections and did not intend to hold the LB polls, besides, adopting delaying tactics, in this regard.

Addressing the convention, Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Mehmoodul Rasheed alleged that the present government had pushed the nation into the quicksand of the problems including unending energy crisis, lawlessness, terrorism, unemployment, poverty and sky rocketing price hike.

Due to which, the poor people selling and killing their children and also committing suicides, saying that this nasty situation was reflecting miserable failure of the PML-N government, which had not yet given any relief to the people as per their high claims and lucrative promises of changing the fate of the nation.

Mehmoodul Rasheed added that the rulers could not deliver till now against their political promises and high slogans of making the nation prosperous, in this regard.

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