Naundero hit by massive power load shedding

NAUNDERO: Fourteen-hour electricity load shedding during 24 hours is being continued in Naundero on daily basis for long time without any interference by the elected representatives.

Ironically the local SEPCO authorities have divided the citizens of the town into three feeders, one feeder is reserved for Naundero House where no power outage is being made, another feeder is reserved for poor population in the neighbourhood of Naundero House where 14-hour load shedding is being carried out in 24 hours on daily basis while third feeder supplies electricity to politically strong people where power load shedding is carried out just for 10 hours.

This has created discrimination among 80,000 population of the town as they are of the view that they have been regularly paying their monthly bills but have been deprived of due electricity supply.

The citizens demanded immediate reversal to eight hours as announced by the federal government to maintain uniformity and equality in the country as there is one constitution and law.

Meanwhile, people livening in livening in Nazar Mohalla, Ameer Bux, Ali Muhammad, Moula Bux, Rasul Bux Junejo and others of Larkana have also complained that Nazar locality was one of the oldest and thickly populated area of the city, with a population of around 50000 where one govt technical college, many govt and private schools, clinics and 3-4 union councils, have come under unscheduled load shedding extending to over 20 hours a day. This has paralyzed the life of people. People further said that their children could not prepare themselves in early morning for going to schools and colleges.

Residents demanded of the higher authorities to hold the reigns of their local officials and end load shedding.

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