Three bikes snatched in Benazir’s hometown

NAUNDERO: Crime rate in the hometown of slain PPP chairperson Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto is on the rise as three motorcycles were snatched from different poor people on Tuesday. Naundero police has done nothing as usual and were mum as if it was not their moral or legal duty to recover the two snatched bikes.

According to details, Munsif Chandio was deprived of his bike near Bhutto House, while robbers looted bike from Ghulam Mustafa Supro from Naundero-Larkana road and PTCL lineman Wahab Bhutto’s bike was snatched by armed men in the outskirts of this town.

They all were also deprived of their cash, cellular phones and other valuables. The armed men also tortured them.

In another theft incident in village Bhajhi Gopang, three buffaloes of a villager Rustam Gopang were stolen by thieves. When the inmates woke up and not found their buffaloes, they raised hue & cry and their neighbours came out to their rescue. They chased the criminals during which one Rustam Supro was beaten up with KK butts by the thieves as the villagers were unarmed.

They immediately informed Naundero police but in vain. This showed that the citizens have been left at the mercy of criminals by the police as there was nobody to take care of their interests and provide them peace. Few months ago, one Hindu high school teacher Basant Lal was robbed of over Rs5 million as the armed bandits entered in his house but till to date police have failed to recover the looted money.

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