Tribal journalists feel unsafe in Khyber Agency

LANDIKOTAL: Tribal journalists feel unsafe in Khyber Agency as political Moharars disgraced a local tribal journalist at Landikotal for his bold and independent reporting.Tribal journalists, haling from Landikotal sub-division of Khyber Agency, have been facing discrimination and harassment by the political administration of Landikotal and Khyber Agency.

Tribal journalist Shahid Shinwari was insulted at Michni check post at Landikotal after media reported widespread corruption at the post.

A political moharar known as Saifur Rehman dealt with a local journalist Shahid Shinwari in a very disgraceful and humiliating manner, arguing that if local journalists are making public and highlighting their corruption, they would not be patiently tolerated to visit their offices and check posts. “I was forced to get out of his office at Michni post in Landikotal in a disgraceful way,” Shinwari complained in Landikotal press club.

It was also learnt that local administration had reportedly issued instructions to the lower staff and officials of Khasadar Force to keep away from journalists and don’t cooperate them in any way, a source from Michni check post informed, advising the local journalists to confine their activities and don’t interact with administration or its staff directly, which is an alarming situation for local mediapersons.

Political Agent Khyber and APA Landikotal have allegedly adopted a very negative and discriminative behaviour to divide journalists and harass them through various tactics by resorting to the policy of sticks and carrots.

The local journalists have also communicated with local administration regarding threats through text messages from unknown numbers but the administration pushed the very serious issue under the rug, which created further suspensions in the minds of the local journalists. The authorities ignore to comment when their version is sought regarding any issue, which is meant to keep media in darkness.

The gulf and misunderstanding between the local media persons and political authorities get deep and wide with the passage of time. The basic fact is that political agent and Landikotal administration wished to keep mums in the mouths of journalists to keep them silent to remain indifferent to the situation and don’t expose any wrongdoing, but the journalists have kept adherent to the principles of free and fair reporting to let the world know the ground realities.

The local journalists while condemning the rude and aggressive misbehaviour of the clerical staff at Landikotal have warned to resort to a protest movement if immediate and strict action was not taken against the accused clerical staff at Michni check post.

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