7th death anniversary of Kazi Saeed Akbar observed

Karachi: The seventh death anniversary of veteran journalist of Sindh, Kazi Saeed Akbar was observed yesterday at the Karachi and Hyderabad residences of his son and RT publisher Kazi Sajjad Akbar and his brother in law Kazi Asad Abid of the Ibrat Group.

Besides having played a pivotal role in the regional Sindhi print media, Mr. Kazi Saeed Akbar is also remembered for his founding of the Daily Regional Times, which is the only regional English daily of Sindh. He died from complications of lung cancer against which he fought a brave battle. Despite the setbacks to his health, he endeavoured till the very end to project and promote the regional media, and make the nation aware of its importance.

The Late Kazi Saeed Akbar belonged to the Kazi family of Hyderabad which has played an important role in the political and journalistic landscape of Sindh. He was also the son of veteran Sindh politician and publisher Late Kazi Mohammad Akbar and the son-in-law of former Federal Minister and publisher Kazi Abdul Majeed Abid.

His family members include Mr. Kazi Asad Abid, the Chairman of the Ibrat Group of Publications, former MPA Mr. Kazi Mohammad Azam, Mr. Kazi Afzal Abid, Shazia Abbasi and her husband Omar Hamid Khan of Islamabad, his nephew, Senior Sindh Minister, Pir Mazharul Haq, his cousin former Sindh Home Minister, Dr. Zulfiqar and sister-in-law, Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Fehmida Mirza, and brother, Mr. Kazi Aslam of Daily Kawish and KTN.

His contributions to the regional media are now being carried out by his son, Mr. Kazi Sajjad Akbar who is serving as the Editor of The Regional Times which was founded by Kazi Saeed a couple of years prior to his death.

Quran Khawanis and Kherats were held simultaneously in Karachi and Hyderabad to mark the death anniversary and the family has appealed to all friends and well wishers to offer dua for the Late Kazi Saeed as well as his eldest son, Late Kazi Jawad Akbar who also passed away in 2007.

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