Ahmadzai tribe demands issuance of CNIC

Peshawar: Elders of Ahmadzai Kauchi Nomad tribe on Wednesday demanded of the federal and Punjab governments to take measures for issuing national identity cards to them and warned to hold protest demonstrations in front of Parliament if they were not given Pakistan’s nationality.

Speaking at a press conference here at Press Club on Wednesday, Haji Inayat Kauchi, chief of the Kauchi tribe said that due to unavailability Computerized National Identity Cards CNIC they could not transfer their lands and property to their names and compelled to purchase it with others’ names who had CNIC however on case of death of the said personality they face hurdles and some cases they could not even claim their property.

He said that majority people of their tribe were businessmen and mostly related to trade but due to lack of the facility if CNIC they could neither open account in a bank, passport nor could deal in their businesses through bank.

“We cannot go for Hajj and Umrah to perform our religious duties” he lamented and added despite being Pakistani they still were deprived of their CNIC which he said were their basic right as every state provided this facility to its citizens.

Flanked by Haji Jabbar, Haji Asad ullah and other members of the tribe, Mr. Inayat informed that Ahmadzai, Aakakhel and Sulemankhel were three sub branches of a single tribe however CNIC issued to Aakakhel and Sulemankhel tribes but people of Ahmadzai tribe had been deprived of CNIC which was injustice with them.

Similarly, he said that education was necessary for every citizen but their children unfortunately their children were also could not avail education due to lack of CNIC.

“We spend of most of our time in Attock, Fateh Jang, Rawalpindi and other parts of the country in winter season because we have our business while in summer we travel to Naran and Kaghan for summer,” he informed.

He, therefore, appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif for issuance of CNIC to Ahmadzai tribe so the tribe would take part in the upcoming General Elections and elect their representatives.

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