Ansar Burney Trust announces financial aid to Pakistani prisoner

KARACHI: The Ansar Burney Trust International has announced financial help to a Pakistani prisoner in Indian custody till his release and repatriation to Pakistan as the administration of Kanpur city in India has stopped his food, medicines and other necessaries of life.

Vice Chairman Ansar Burney Trust Fahad Burney said in a statement that stuck in India for 13 long years, Idrees Alam had been unable to meet his wife and four children in Pakistan as unfortunately Pakistan and India both refused to verify his citizenship.
Fahad Burney said that after receiving request from Pakistani prisoners in Indian custody and on the directives of former federal minister for human rights and chairman of the Trust, Ansar Burney, we are in contact with Pakistani prisoner Idress in Kanpur and are going to start sending him financial assistance and help for his food, clothes, medicines and other necessities of life till his repatriation to Pakistan.

“In the very greater interest of humanity and human dignity, we also wrote to President, Prime Minister and Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan to ask the relevant department to assist Ansar Burney Trust International in the matter of Pakistani national Mohammed Idrees son of Ahmed Jan stuck in India since last 13 years,” Fahad Burney added.

He said Ansar Burney Trust would like to bring him back home on humanitarian grounds to reunite him with his family after 13 years in India; he sentenced on a crime he never committed.

Fahad Burney said that originally an Indian citizen, Idrees Alam, came to Pakistan in 1986 to visit relatives. While here, he got married and opted to stay on, obtaining Pakistani citizenship. In 1999, his father Ahmed Jan in Kanpur became seriously ill and in May 1999, Idrees went to India on a 15-day visa. His father passed away, and Idrees, embroiled in last rites and legalities, overstayed his visa by a couple of months.

When he approached the authorities in India in July 1999 to explain the situation, he was arrested. Since then he has been stuck in India, separated from his wife and four children in Karachi, Pakistan.

Fahad Burney said that on July 12, 1999, in India a case was registered against Idrees under Section 14 of the Foreigners Act and he was imprisoned in Kanpur jail. After 10 years, on 6 Aug 2009, the Special Chief Judicial Magistrate in Kanpur fined him Rs 500 with 10-year detention he had already undergone in Kanpur jail as his punishment on a crime he never committed.

The CJM ordered him to be repatriated to Pakistan, and he was taken to the Attari-Wagah border on Aug 8, 2012, for that purpose. However, since his Pakistani passport had expired, the authorities on the Pakistan side refused him entry into Pakistan.

Fahad Burney also asked President Asif Ali Zardari to order relevant department and Pakistan High Commission in Delhi to issue a Pakistani passport to Idress on urgent basis.

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