Appellate Tribunal Local Councils to hear appeals at Hyderabad on Feb.07

Karachi: Syed Aley Maqbool Rizvi, Chairman/Judge, Appellate Tribunal Local Councils Sindh , is schedule to hear appeals pertaining to Metropolitan Corporations, Municipal Committees, Town Committees, District Councils and Union Councils of the District Hyderabad/District Sanghar on Thursday 7th February at 9.00 a.m.

He will hold the camp at the Tribunal office at District Sessions Court, Hyderabad. The Appellate Tribunal Local Councils Sindh is a Judicial Forum which has been hearing the appeals relating to Municipal Jurisdiction under the provision of the Section-204 of the Sindh Peoples Local Government Act, 2012 (Municipal Law) Read with the Rule-4 of the Sindh Councils (Appeal) Rules, 1982.

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