Islamabad: Government of Japan has extended grant for radio broadcasting and child health worth about 2.8 billion Japanese Yen (approximately US$ 33.6 million or Rs 3.16 billion) for Pakistan.

Signing for the following two projects took place between Mr. Hiroshi Oe, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan and Mr. Javed Iqbal, Secretary of Economic Affairs Division (EAD) here Friday.

Project for Rehabilitation of Medium Wave Radio Broadcasting Network (worth 1.385 billion Japanese Yen) (approximately US$ 16.5 million or PKR 1.56 billion) Project for the Improvement of Child Health Institute in Karachi (worth 1.423 billion Japanese Yen) (approximately US$ 17 million or PKR 1.6 billion)

Under the radio network project, the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) headquarters in Islamabad and its Faqirabad Transmitting Station will be equipped with a new broadcasting system in order to expand radio coverage for the people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and the Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

At the signing, Mr. Hiroshi Oe said that the new radio system will contribute to stability of this region, as it enables the local people to gain accurate information and better chance to seize economic opportunities.

In the other project, various kinds of new medical equipment will be introduced to the new Child Health Institute in Karachi and the number of its beds will be increased.

Mr. Oe mentioned that there is an urgent need to improve the capacity of paediatric medical services in Karachi to match the needs of its huge and rapid-growing population.

Mr. Oe illustrated the two signings as “a reflection of Japan’s commitment to assisting Pakistan’s efforts for its social development as well as the bond of friendship between our two countries”.

Referring to the fact that this year is the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Pakistan, he said “this bond of friendship will continue in the next sixty years and beyond”.

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