Ex-cricketers hopeful of better show in limited overs

Karachi: Even after a harsh thrashing by host South Africa in the three-match Test series, former Pakistani cricketers believes that Pakistan could bounce back when the two sides meet again in limited overs’ matches.

Pakistan has conceded a humiliating 03 defeat in the Test series and the team will now be beginning its limited overs’ series, which includes two T20s and five ODI matches. The first T20 match between the two sides will be played today Friday in Durban.

“Everyone must take their respective responsibility of the Test series debacle and only selection committee could not be held accountable for it,” former spinner and chief selector Iqbal Qasim said on Thursday.

He said that he was disappointed by the team’s performance and the batsmen should start to lift their game.

But he said that the T20 and ODIs were something different from Test cricket and changes in the team would also make a difference.

“I am hopeful that the team would perform well in T20s and ODIs. There will be new players in the team, which I believe will go in team’s favour,” he said.

He said that Pakistan has been performing well in T20s and ODIs and therefore the team has high chances in the upcoming matches.

Meanwhile, former Pakistani batsman Zaheer Abbas, known as the Asian Bradman for his runs scoring ability, also put faith in the team for limited overs’ matches.

“Yes, the team has much better chances of performing well in T20s and ODI matches. I would advise them to forget their terrible showings in Tests and go all out to win T20 and ODI matches,” he said.

Another former batsman Basit Ali feels that the T20s and ODIs will be close encounters unlike Test matches, which were dominated by the Protease.

“The team must go with renewed spirit and forget what happened in Tests. T20s and ODIs would be different sort of competition and I think our team could do well in them,” he said.

Former chief selector Mohsin Khan was also of the view that the team would have better chances of performing well in T20s and ODIs.

“Although the team performed horribly in the Test matches but I still think the team could perform well in one day and T20 matches. But I will advise the team to focus on the upcoming matches and they must forget what happened in previous matches,” he said.

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