Govt. facilitating religious institutions, says Asim

Islamabad: Dr. Asim Hussain Advisor to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources has said that government will keep on facilitating religious institutions as they are an important and essential part of the society.

He said this while meeting a delegation of Wafaq-ul-Madaris led by Maulana Hanif Jalandhri here in Islamabad on Friday. The delegation apprised the Advisor on Petroleum and Natural Resources that their body represents 2.5 million Muslim students studying at Islamic Institutions across the country and are being provided with free education, boarding and lodging facilities.

The delegation informed that OGRA through a notification, has enhanced gas tariff without consultation. The delegation requested that Government to provide utilities to religious institutions at subsidy.

Dr. Asim Hussain informed the delegation that at present there is substantial shortfall of gas in the country, for which measures are being taken to import gas.

He further said that the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has already directed SNGPL and SSGCL to workout consumption units of gas provided to religious institutions so that a special category is formulated.

The Advisor said that for present, the old tariff will be applicable w.e.f 1st Jan, 2013. The delegation thanked the Advisor for meeting them and for his commitment to resolve the issues faced by religious institutions on priority.

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