IDPs camp from Tehsil Bara have demanded halting the ongoing military operation immediately

Peshawar: Grand Shura of Jalozai IDPs camp from Tehsil Bara Khyber Agency have demanded halting the ongoing military operation immediately and peace be restored and announcement for repatriation of the tribal people to respective agencies.

“On one hand, innocent children, women and aged men are being targeted, but on the other the relief for IDPs is embezzled,” the grand shura members alleged and said that when the affectees asked for their relief, are threatened by Provincial Disaster Management Authority PDMA for demolition of their tents at the camp.

Speaking at a press conference here Press Club on Monday, a member of the shura Haji Gulbat Khan Afridi said that the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs particularly from Bara Agency were dealt with inhumane behaviour at Jalozai refugee camp.

Accompanied by Afridis’ elders including Tawas Khan, Daulat Khan, Abdul Mehran and other in dozens, he lamented that World Food Organization WFO had reduced quantity of flour from 80 to 40 kg for one month due to lack of fund, which were not sufficient for the IDPs.

He added that the IDPs were facing miseries staying in the torn tents in such chilly weather, which he blamed that there were tents available in the camp but were being sold in the market instead given the IDPs.

He said they were also IDPs like Malakand Division and all of the war affectees of Malakand were given relief but here the Bara IDPs were deprived of such facilities by the government.

Mr Afridi further said IDPs Mohmand and Bajaur Agencies were provided 25,000 each family in the camp and the IDPs of Bara were deprived. When transformer is become out of order in the camp, the amount for repairing it is taken from the IDPs.

The local police, he said was pester Afridi tribes when they crossed the border to Peshawar city, arrested by the police and in case the tribal people did not grease palm of the law enforcers, apprehend them and put them behind bars.

He, therefore, appealed to Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan and Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PK to keep safe their rights from embezzlement and IDPs of FATA not be considered as beggars.

The IDPs also threatened to hold a protest demonstration and hunger strike for their legal rights and if their demands were not addressed within some days, they will carry their agitation to Parliament House Islamabad.

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