Journalists stage protest rally against killing of Malik Mumtaz

Chakwal: Journalist held a protest rally taken out from Chakwal press club on Thursday to condemn the brutal killing of journalist Malik Mumtaz of Miranshah.

The rally was led by the leader of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist CR Shamsi the journalists wore black bands on their shoulders. They were chanting slogans and demanded the immediately arrest the killer of Malik Mumtaz.

Earlier a protest meeting was also held and the speakers Prof. Hamid Ullah Hashmi, Raja Yasir Sarfraz, Molana Abdul Sattar, Khawaja Zubair Saleem Billa Gee, DM Minhas, Professor M. Khan Hastal, Fakhar Mehmood Mirza and Chairman Press Club Khawaja Babar Saleem were of the view that the government was failed to protect the life and property of the people and even the journalist community killing were on spree and most of victims killer were not traced out yet.

CR Shamsi disclosed that 97 journalist have been murdered so for and Pakistan was declared a dangerous country for the field of journalism. Molana Abdul Sattar Ex Amir of Jamiat Islami district Chakwal demanded that the killer must be brought into the book.

Raja Yasir Sarfraz of PTI told that present situation was due to the irregularity of democratic system in the country and general Zia Ul Haq was the master mind of Kalashnikov culture in the Pakistan.

Chairman Press Club Khawaja Babar Saleem said that the tolerance and patients have been eliminated from the society and this was a black sign at the forehead of our country. A resolution was also adopted and it was demanded that the killer of Malik Mumtaz must be brought into the book.

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