KP Govt takes many consequential administrative arrangements steps

Peshawar: The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announced the following consequential administrative arrangements to take effect from January Ist, 2013 namely: -

i) The district setup of government departments shall stand segregated from Local Govt: Institutions established under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Govt: Ordinance, 2001 (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Act No. XIV of 2001) and shall realign with their administrative departments at provincial level under the Act.

ii) The functions of erstwhile District Coordination Officer (Revenue & Estate) are integrated in the office of Deputy Commissioner with the provision of Additional Deputy Commissioner in each district.

The sub-divisional setup of Deputy District Officers (Revenue) and Deputy District Officers (Judicial) is replaced with Assistant Commissioners and Additional Assistant Commissioners.

The Board of Revenue will process relocating the functions of Collector and Assistant Collector in the office of Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners in accordance with the new administrative setup;

iii) Each district shall be provided a District Officer (Finance and Planning), a Planning Officer, a Finance Officer and a Secretary District Public Safety Commission.

The positions of Assistant Coordination Officer, Human Resource Development Officer and Deputy District Officer (Finance) shall stand abolished.

iv) The positions of Executive District Officer at district level shall stand abolished;

v) Local Government Elections and Rural Development Department shall notify constitution of each Local Council and make transitional interim arrangement/management in pursuance of section 224 of the Act;

vi) The Agriculture Department at district level shall be re-organized as under: -

a. Agriculture (Extension) shall be manned by District Director, Subject Matter Specialists, Agriculture Officers, Plant Protection Officers, Assistant Horticulture Officers and Assistant Agronomists.

b. Livestock & Dairy Development (Extension) shall have District Director, Senior Veterinary Officers and Veterinary Officers.

c. On Farm Water Management shall have District Directors, District Officers and Water Management Officers.

d. Soil Conservation shall have District Officers Soil Conservation and Soil Conservation Assistants.

vii) Elementary and Secondary Education Department at district level shall be re-organized under District Education Officers separately for Male and Female assisted by Deputy District Education Officers (Male and Female) and Sub Divisional Education Officers;

viii) Health Department at district level shall be re-organized under District Health Officers assisted by Deputy District Health Officers and Coordinators.

ix) The Public Health Engineering Department and Communication and Works Department will continue with their existing organizational hierarchy at the sub-divisional, district and regional level;

x) Account-IV modality for transfer of funds to districts shall remain operational with Deputy Commissioners as Principal Accounting Officer for Account-IV and Chairman of the District Development Committee (DDC) of their respective districts.

In addition to oversight of the accounting aspects of the reorganization, the Finance Department shall notify the deletion of existing posts and creation of replacements as per requirements of Government Departments; and

xi) The Commissioner shall oversee transition, facilitate Government Departments, coordinate relocation of functions and ensure continuation of services in their respective divisions.

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