KWSB focuses on revenue collection from slums

KARACHI: In order to stabilize the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KW&SB a special Katchi Abadi Revenue Generation Cell KARGC has been established to improve revenue generation from commercial consumers and residents of Katchi Abadis slum throughout the city.

KARGC has divided the city into two zones East A and West B while Managing Director KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid appointed Senior KW&SB Officers Mehmood Qadir and Jawaid Shamim the Zonal Heads of the zones respectively. KARGC would formulate the strategy for recovery and complete the tax net bio data within next 3 months.

D.M.D Revenue has been directed to provide the cell with all information, data and necessary staff required.

The Katchi Abadi Cell would report directly to M.D KW&SB. KARGC would also contact department of provincial and city government related to slums and also semi-government organizations working to develop Katchi Abadi slums and compile a comprehensive record of all legal and illegal Katchi Abadis present in the city.

CRC Field Staff and Officers of Revenue Department would survey these Katchi Abadi, unplanned localities and Goth. Moreover, if necessary KARGC would also conduct community based private survey to bring thousands of consumers in Katchi Abadi slums on tax net. KARGC would also ensure proper billing in these areas and motivate consumers to pay their bills.

KARGC can would also research and propose the need for outsourcing recovery from these areas. However, M.D KW&SB may or may not accept the proposal. KARGC is directed to submit their report to M.D Secretariat within 7 working days.

M.D KW&SB has also requested citizens of Karachi to pay their water supply bills. He said that water supply bills are very of very low amount therefore consumers must also understand their duty and pay their bills on time. This would not only stabilize the institution financially but would also ensure better provision of water supply and sewerage facilities to the citizens of Karachi.

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