Maulana Fazlur Rehman speaks

QUETTA: Undemocratic forces want to create a situation where there is no need for constitution nor democracy.

This was stated by Amir JUI and Chairman NA Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazlur Rehman while speaking to Newsmen upon arrival here Wednesday.

During his stay Maulana Fazlur Rehman would address Shaikhul Hind conference at Killa Abdullah Thursday.

He was of the view daily experiences should end now. This country is not for players who come and experience new things daily. We have to follow path of constitution and we want to go to polls constitutionally. If there is no politics there is no state. This philosophy is totally wrong. It is a new game and Allah knows better who is behind it and whom they represent. We adhere to charter of constitution which is called national charter and through this national charter country can be kept intact.

Maulana was of the view if constitution is wrong and it does not resolve problems then why Sufi Muhammad is in jail.

Answering a question he said during Ziaul Haq regime a slogans was raised first accountability then elections. But no elections were held. All these things are to derail democracy.

A man who has failed in country’s politics and has become disappointed and left the country. Under what drama he speaks of retuning to Pakistan and reforms in the country.

Maulana said Holy Prophet told a time will come when people would take oath in every matter while there will be none to take oath form him.

He said whenever Martial law was imposed in the country it was said we want to save the state. From today’s situation, it seems such a situation is being created in which there is no need for constitution or state. To impose martial law a justification of saving the state was claimed. Now same thing resembling to it is being repeated. All such institutions which are being doubted of their involvement should clear their position.

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