Model village project in doldrums

Karachi: Fishermen community is concerned over the sudden stoppage of uplift work undertaken to develop the Mubarak Village as modern village. The village is located west of Karachi beyond Hawks Bay.

Fishermen said that the government has abandoned development work at the village for unknown reasons at the time when it is completing 5-year tenure and assemblies are to be dissolved.

In 2009, chief minister Sind, Syed Qaim Ali Shah had announced to develop Mubarak Village on modern lines and construction work was started there.

“The government installed electricity facilities, erected poles, started work on sewerage, education, healthcare and other projects of basic amenities in the area,” said Muhammad Haroon, native of Mubarak Village. After fifty percent work of the projects, the government stopped development work aborting the model village plan without any justification, he added.

According to fishermen, now in half of the area, poles, PMTs, electric wires, etc. are installed to supply power to residents while the rest is still awaiting the government’s response to have infrastructure for basic amenities.

They said the government had released funds to the concerned authorities for electrification of the village but power supply had not been started yet, which worried the entire community. “Development of the basic infrastructure has also been left half completed which includes sewerage systems and construction of new roads in the area to boost communication links of the village with the rest of the city”, said Dad Baksh Baloch, a fisherman.

He complained the government had also stopped process of leasing of the village after just 10 percent of residents were given lease documents to own their houses.

Fishermen said that there had been a dam construction project besides a harbour, which the government had announced, but both key projects could not begin. However, they said the government has built a maternity home in the village, which is still without staff to facilitate the area people. They said the sudden halt to the development work in the village was beyond their comprehensions.

“There may be huge irregularities in fund utilization which caused a sudden halt to the millions of rupees development projects in the village,” fishermen apprehended. They demanded of the government to probe into the sudden halt of development work in the village and ascertain reasons that had brought the projects to a standstill. Fishermen wanted the government should complete all projects to provide relief to the city’s far-flung community.

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