Panasonic’s CES 2019 Showcase Spotlights Future Smart Home, Smart Car and Smart City

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Panasonic’s CES 2019 Showcase Spotlights Future Smart Home, Smart Car and Smart City

January 8, 2019

Dubai, January 08, 2019 (PPI-OT): Panasonic Corporation is showcasing its ideas for intelligently integrating physical products with new digital platforms powered by human insight technologies at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The booth is divided into four zones – Connected Mobility, Intelligent Living Spaces, Immersive Experiences, and Human Insights Technology – to highlight how Panasonic’s proprietary technologies are merging the physical and digital, the real and the virtual worlds to create better experiences for customers.

All Things Panasonic at CES

Panasonic will be live streaming events and activity on the Panasonic CES microsite ( Live video updates, announcements, and deep dives into unique content will be posted throughout CES and archived to check out later. Hashtags: #PanasonicCES, #PanasonicTech

Main Exhibits at the Panasonic Booth at Las Vegas Convention Center

Connected Mobility – Panasonic showcases an environmentally conscious, safe and comfortable lifestyle by supporting the mobility of people and things and proposing new ways of utilizing mobility.

48v ePowertrain and SPACe_C – On display is an upgraded version of the 48v ePowertrain Platform, which was first introduced in CES 2018. With the same volume, the new powertrain boasts double the output and will help make compact EVs more lightweight, maximize cabin space, and extend travel distance. Also featured is the conceptual model of the SPACe_C (for Sharing Panasonic Autonomous Connected e-Mobility) which is comprised of a powertrain base and a detachable cabin on top.

The SPACe C is designed to closely connect people with products and services, support people’s lives, propose new applications for small mobility vehicles in tourist and urban areas, and revitalize communities.

Automotive Cybersecurity – Panasonic is introducing a security system that can significantly reduce costs of identifying and fixing vulnerabilities by combining an AI-assisted cyber-attack detection specifically developed for automotive applications.

Also included in the Connected Mobility showcase are: SPACe_L (Living Space Autonomous Cabin); cost-effective, scalable connectivity system solutions, Electric Assist Bicycles, Cirrus V2x platform, and Avionics NEXT.

Intelligent Living Spaces – this consists of presentation and conceptual video introducing the concept and culture of Panasonic β, which aspires to mass produce innovation and enhance lives. Panasonic is showcasing JELO, an integrated universal design platform for UI/UX design process and the integrated lifestyle platform, HomeX.

Immersive Experiences – Features a showcase of the brand’s imaging and audio technologies designed to deliver unique immersive experiences. Included in this section are: Super Bright Projectors/ Real Time Tracking and Projection Mapping (including high speed tracking projection mapping that can measure location and process and project images in less than 0.002 seconds); the next generation Technics SL-1200MK7 Turntable; a prototype of the full-frame mirrorless SLR camera, “LUMIX S Series” (samples of images shot with the prototype are displayed on the wall, and shown as well on the 4K OLED TV TX-65/55GZ2000 series, which is also making its debut); and the ELS STUDIO 3D premium audio system.

Human Insights Technology – In this section, Panasonic provides a new experience with technologies that understand and update the people’s lives. Featured are solutions on:

Human Characteristic Sensing (Facial Recognition, Age/Gender Estimation, Vitals) – using camera images, image processing technology, and AI, this solution will use information on appearance or vitals (heart rate) to recognize faces and estimate age and gender.

Physical Stress Sensing – using 3D sensors, this technology will detect body motion in a test environment to numerically quantify an individual’s physical characteristics with a key focus on physical stress.

Emotion Sensing – this technology can estimate emotions, thermal sensation, body motion, stress, etc. with great accuracy, ideal to guide appliances, devices, and systems in a smart home or smart car.

Booth Layout

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Central Hall (#12908)

In addition to the main booth at the LVCC, Panasonic also has a “Technics” booth at Tech Wes (Venetian Tower, Suite 29-111) featuring new launches, among them CD Players, Headphones and Direct Drive Turntable System. Additionally, there are booths by the project incubation facility, “100BANCH” supported by Panasonic (Sands, Halls A-D #42711), which encourages young forward thinkers to create new values that will help shape the next century. Finally, there is ATOUN (LVCC, South Hall 2 #27018), which is a company established through Panasonic’s in-house venture system that develops power assist devices.

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