PIPS two day media training workshop concluded

Islamabad: A two days’ media training workshop organized by Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies PIPS has concluded on Wednesday. This workshop was attended by various journalists from all over Pakistan.

The first session was on “Human Rights reporting in Pakistani media” chaired by Dr. Khadim Hussain; Najam u Din and Ms. Shagufta Hayat gave presentations on “Mapping the Human Rights Issues in Pakistan” and “Key Issues in Reporting Human Rights in Pakistan” respectively.

After describing what human rights mean, Najam explained the types and nature of human rights violations in Pakistan. Ms. Shagufta discussed the major issues faced by journalists in reporting these incidents in national media.

The second session was chaired by Mubashir Bukhari in which Fakhar Kakakhel, Waqar Gillani and Shahzada Zulfiqar discussed the regional perspectives of human rights reporting in KPK, Punjab and Balochistan respectively. They discussed various issues faced by journalists in reporting human rights violations in these areas.

Hassan Khan headed the third session in which regional perspectives of Sind and Islamabad were discussed by Imdad Ali Soomro and Aoun Sahi respectively.

The last session for the day was headed by Muhammad Amir Rana in which Umer Daraz Nangyana and Ammar Bin Yasir discussed the case studies of Rimsha Masih and Rinkle Kumari cases respectively. It was discussed how the role of media tilted the outcomes of these cases.

The second day started with training on “How to report Human Rights Issues” given by Aurangzaib and Najam u Din. It was followed by a training session by Ahmer Bilal Sufi on “Legal Perspective of Human Rights Reporting” in which the legal/constitutional implications of human rights and its reporting were discussed. He identified conflict as a major cause of human rights violations and discussed the various levels of conflict in Pakistan and their effects on human rights.

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