PTI concerned over underhand deal between PPP, PMLN for doing away with 30day scrutiny period for nomination papers: Shafqat

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf PTI Secretary Information Shafqat Mahmood on Thursday expressed grave concern over the underhand deal between the ruling coalition and the self-proclaimed opposition, the PMLN, for shooting down of the 30day scrutiny period for nomination papers for the upcoming general elections.

“Once again the stance of the PTI has been proved that the PPP and PMLN are hand in glove to conceal the wrongdoings of their lawmakers.

Out stance has once again been proved that both the parties comprise of corrupt politicians who are unanimous on one point to loot and plunder the national wealth and ensure that no one could hold them accountable,” said the
PTI leader.

The media expose has however proved that the thieves could not conceal their misdeeds as the media was vigilant and the judiciary was strong enough to counter such moves, he added.

He said that the PTI would keep exposing the underhand deal between the PPP and PMLN and it would stand by the independent judiciary and the vibrant media.

The PTI leader also expressed concerns over the reports that the chief election commissioner CEC Justice retd Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim had

withdrawn a notice sent to Ch Nisar Ali Khan for verification of his degrees as the N leaguer had refused to do so.

An unexpected onslaught against the ECP and the media recently came from Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan for the mere reason that his name was reflected in the list of 249 MPs, who have been asked by the commission to get their degrees verified.

“This is alarming sign and it might affect the conduct of free and fair polls in the country. The ECP should take action against those politicians who are denying an opportunity of election reforms,” Shafqat Mahmood added.

He said that the withdrawal of the 30day scrutiny period might badly harm the electoral reforms process to the advantage of fraudsters, cheaters, tax evaders, fake degree holders and loan defaulters.

He said that the PTI had been raising its concern over the “mukmuka” between both the PPP and the PMLN over major issues of corruption and concealing each others’ misdeeds and the recent deal between both the parties had been fully exposed in their evil nexus to save the status quo.

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