SHC allows NGO as intervener in petition seeking facilities for special people

Karachi, December 19 PPI: Sindh High Court SHC on Wednesday allowed application of Disabled Welfare Association, a nongovernment organization, as intervener in petition seeking court directives to civic agencies for ensuring facilities like ramps on footpaths and other public places for the disabled citizens.

Petitioner Agha Syed Ataullah Shah, chairman of Raah-e-Raast Trust had filed petition pertaining to this matter, submitting that freedom of movement for people who use wheelchairs and are weak, disabled or ailing, is denied by not providing facilities of ramps at footpaths. Beside they don’t have access to markets, shopping centers, places of worship and educational institutes for the same reason.

He had submitted that the authorities have failed to ensure that footpaths should be constructed with a slope or ramp on each side, and their height not raised beyond the established international standards, so that people using pushchairs, wheelchairs and pushing prams can move about independently.

The petitioner had prayed that the court direct civic agencies to provide ramp facilities, along with stairs, at every commercial and government building, and construct footpaths as per the international standards, and by building ramps on both sides.

On the Wednesday, NGO Disabled Welfare Association moved an application for being intervener as petitioner no.2 in the above petition as matter pertains to the all disabled citizens particularly polio affected, wheel chair users since they are being deprived of fundamental right of movement and access to public places.

Headed by Justice Maqbool Baqar, the division bench allowed the applicant as intervener and put off the hearing till the date in office.

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